Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 7

B1 played in her first softball tournament this weekend. Their team took 2nd place and apparantly qualified to go to Nationals. I am not really sure what this means as of yet, but I guess it is good. I am told that if they would choose to go to Nationals and do well enough (1st or 2nd place), then they could qualify for the softball World Series, which would be next year and might be held in Orlando (yes, the home of MICKEY MOUSE!). I don't know if we will go for this or not, but we'll just wait and see.....

Here is the team with their medals and trophy.

And B1 with the big trophy!
GREAT JOB GOLD DIGGERS! For a first year team in your first tournament, you did GREAT! We are proud of YOU!


Anonymous said...

VERY NICE!!! Way to go B1!
The Nungesser Family

Willy said...

Wohoo!! That's awesome for your first tournament!