Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4


These pictures were taken on Sunday, May 31. This one is a photo of all 15 of our valedictorians.........yeah, that'a a lot!

Me and one of my students from last year and this year.....

One of my students from last year.....

Another student from last year.....this one would ALWAYS wave to me in the stands after football games. He did it last year and this year as well. He was always one of the last ones off the field and I am usually one of the last ones in the stands so he would always look up, find me, and wave. He is a sweetie.

These are the math teachers who were present at graduation. We wear our robes and the colors of our hood represent our college and our major field of study. I am wearing a Master's gown (the difference is the sleeves, which you cannot see in this picture) but the hood is from my undergraduate college, Eastern Illinois University. I am proud of my EIU education.

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Nancy R said...

I think the gowns/hoods is such a nice way to honor the education of the educators! I wish our H.S. had done that.