Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10

It's finally over! My school year, that is. Finally. And let me tell you, it feels wonderful! is a picture of the money I collected this year by selling pencils. I teach math and really, I want my students to do their work in pencil, not ink. I HATE lending pencils to my students because oftentimes, they don't come back to me. So a couple of years ago, I began selling pencils in my classroom. I sell regular pencils for $.10 and mechanical pencils for $.25. I make about $.05 on each regular pencil and $.10 on each mechanical pencil I sell. Below is pictured $186.57. All of this money is not pure profit, but simply the money I collected this year. I made a conscious effort this year to NOT let myself borrow from the "pencil money jar" for sodas, lunch, etc. That way, I am now able to see just exactly how much I collected. Pretty amazing, huh? I figure that I profited about $80 of this. I am pretty excited! Now what to spend it on???

These are our new textbooks for next year. Hopefully my schedule will not change between now and then. I am scheduled to teach 3 sections of Geometry and 2 sections of Algebra II. I once told Bruce that if I could pick my perfect schedule, it would be 2/3 sections of these classes. I really didn't care which one was 2 and which one was 3. So I got my perfect schedule! Now if I could have 7th hour prep again next year and NOT have anyone in my classroom during my prep and lunch time, that would be a dream come true! We'll see what happens. Today we were given the workbooks, resource manuals, and some of the software that came with these books. I for one really don't want to do anything with this stuff over the summer. I really don't. But I might. But I might not. This summer is short enough. I think I'll enjoy my family and my time and worry about the lesson planning come August.


Anonymous said...

You can spend that mula at our Archiver's get together on Monday! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well lets see, you can call your Great frinds Dan and Willy and take them out for evening out.

If not I am turning you in to the IRS. Do you have a small busniss licence?