Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1

The first few days of this "Photo A Day" adventure will be easy because I have pictures to post from my birthday weekend. Here are the gifts I received from Bruce and the girls.

I have wanted one of these books for awhile now. Before we go to Disney World the next time, I will certainly study up with this book!

This was a total surprise. It's Mickey and Minnie posing as the farmer and his wife from the American Gothic painting! Too cute!
This is Kenny Chesney's new CD, which came out a few weeks ago. I held off buying it for myself because I assumed I would get it as a birthday gift. It is awesome and I listened to it twice in a row on Saturday afternoon!
And my favorite gift of to go see Kenny again. This time it's in Indianapolis in September. Apparantly, there is some big festival thing there that weekend. I haven't checked out who else will be there then but it really doesn't matter to me!

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