Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13

This is what happens when you sit out at ball games most of the day and forget your sunscreen. Major farmer tan (burn) here! I should have been smarter.

Those lovely little brown speckles are from other times when I didn't wear sunscreen. Now I'm going to have even more!
On another note.....let me just say that I am really, really happy that school is out. Really. I know that we teachers complain about our salaries and the fact that we work way more hours than people realize, but we get some pretty nice perks too. Like all the major holidays off (and sometimes another day or so to go along with it), a nice break at Christmas, usually a decent break at Easter, and of course......summer! I find myself sitting at my kids' games now, like today, and just breathing easier. Yeah, I have like 6 loads of laundry that need to be done, but you know what? I have time now to do it. So we can go with the team after the game and get ice cream or pizza or whatever and I don't have to feel like I really need to get home to do this, that or the other. I can't imagine working in some other career where I get like 3 weeks per year off. No way. And yeah, this summer is a short one in my district, but I'll take it anyway! Life is just a little sweeter in the summertime. I truly enjoy my family more.
(Deep breath........ahhhhhh!)

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