Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21


Today was party day at our house. This is the 4th or 5th year that we have hosted a Father's Day party for our families and some friends. It's always a fun time and we always have a TON of food! Seriously, we have a lot! Here's one of the things I made this year.....Banana Split cake. It's not really cake though; it's a dessert. I love it, which is why I chose to make it. I have not had this for awhile now and it tasted really good!

The girls and I gave Bruce a hot dog cooker for Father's Day. He has wanted one of these for awhile now. It's the kind that rolls the hot dogs up and down on a hot surface and cooks them. He immediately had to make one for himself and try it. It worked!

Here is Bruce and the girls doing a "3-way kiss." We do a "4-way kiss" every year on New Year's Eve so this was his special Father's Day kiss!

We also gave Bruce a pair of flip-flop Crocs to wear. I think he liked those as well because he wore them all day long today.
My dad and my honey!

Some of the bathing beauties in the pool!

And some more.....
Shinza managed to escape from our yard this morning. She ran around the neighborhood for maybe 10 minutes. Then I think she decided it was just too hot to stay out and about, so she came back home!
The kids got a lot of use out of the slide today!

Even the really little ones had fun in the pool!

I had a great day. I love having this party every year because honestly, it's one of the only times anymore when I see my 2 uncles and their families. It's also nice to spend time with friends. I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did!

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dan the man said...

I am down with the hot dog roster! I want to know how well it works. I am thinking fill it up get in the pool and when ever you want on go get it! Brucie is getting smarter every day!