Friday, August 7, 2009

And Today..... even better! B1 found out earlier today that she made the 7th grade softball team! YES! The wait is finally over and she made it! They were supposed to find out yesterday but apparantly it was a tough decision for the coach, so she waited until today to make it. We are going out tonight with some friends whose daughter also made the team to CELEBRATE!

And here's another really cool thing about it all: Of the 13 girls who made the team, EIGHT of them were from St. Jacob. Yes, EIGHT! I am really really happy about this!

Mathematically speaking, approximately 79% of the girls in the 7th grade are from Troy, 12% are from St. Jacob, and 9% are from Marine.

St. Jacob rocks, and WE KNOW IT! Go Jakey girls! We are PROUD of YOU!

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Katie's blog said...

I wish you were more proud of your girls and your hometown :-)