Monday, July 16, 2007

Finally a win!

B2's softball team finally won their first game this season tonight by 5 runs! Unfornately, it was also their last game of the season, but at least it ended on a good note. She had been struggling at the plate almost all season but finally these last few games, she has come around. Tonight, she went 3-4 so that was awesome! Also, tonight B1's team played in the playoffs. She wasn't so lucky. They lost by 3 runs and are now on the verge of elimination. The next time they lost, they are done. If they would happen to win their next 3 games, they would be the champs. Next game tomorrow night. We'll see what happens.


Sara E said...

hey there......good luck with the girls games

RAH RAH from Phoenix!

Redbirds Fan said...

3-4 that's great! Good luck with your next game "b1".

Redbirds Fan said...

that last post was from willy!! :) aka redbirds fan!