Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Some people can be so RUDE!

I am currently enrolled in a graduate class through Rockford College. I am, however, taking the class at a site in southern Illinois. It's a week-long class and we meet every day from 8-5, although the instructor has let us out early every day so far (smile!). Anyway, the class consists of 27 teachers of all different varieties (pre-K, elementary school, middle school, high school, regular ed, special ed, etc.) and today, two of the women who teach at the same school couldn't have been more rude. They sat in the back of the room (which isn't super-big, by the way) and basically carried on their own conversation while the instructor was trying to talk. The instructor is an extremely nice man who I don't believe would have it in him to ask them to be quiet. BUT HE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO! We are all teachers for Pete's sake and we should know what it is like to try to talk while someone else is talking. UGH! What's more, do people not realize how to put their cell phones on silent mode? I don't understand how a room full of adults can have their phones going off constantly. How can we expect our students to behave the way we want them to when we don't model that behavior ourselves?


cookkatie said...

I hate rude people too.

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

Oh, I used to organize education conferences at my last job. Sadly, it was common knowledge that teachers were the worst audiences for that very reason.

Are you teaching for the Cougars, Knights, Warriors, Indians...? I'm a former cougar myself. I linked here from Rebecca's Prologos blog

Marriage-101 said...

My husband told me this exact same story just the other day about one of his classes. Some chatty Cathy was in the back and another woman had to speak up and tell them to be quiet because the teacher was too nice/cowardly to say anything. I don't believe he was in the same class, but I guess it happens everywhere.