Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11/01.....WE WILL REMEMBER

Just sitting here wondering what I should post about tonight when I read Nancy's blog http://worldwiderolves.blogspot.com/. She too did the same thing I did. I reminded B1 last night that today would be 9/11 and that she should probably choose to wear something red/white/blue to school. No problem for her.....she wore a grey T-shirt with patriotic-colored butterflies and flowers on the front. I had my own clothes all picked out as well, navy capris and a golf-type shirt adorned with flags (by the way, the shirt is over 11 years old and B1 announced to me today that I looked like a grandma wearing it, but I really didn't care today). When B2 got up this morning and I went to pick out her clothes, I wasn't dressed for school myself yet and temporarily forgot the date. We picked out some peach/teal flowery skort outfit and she was already dressed in it when I remembered the date and told her that she should really wear a red T-shirt in her closet with a flag on it. She asked why. She was only 17 months old on 9/11/01 so my explanation to her was that 6 years ago was the day that the bad people drove planes into the buildings in New York other parts of our country and then she seemed to know what I was talking about. Anyway, she began to argue with me about what she was going to wear to school. I told her she could pick out her own pants but that I strongly suggested she wear the red flag T-shirt. I told her it was her choice but that a lot of people had died and many others were very sad because of what happened on this date and then I left the room. A minute or so later, I glanced down the hallway to her room, where the T-shirt had been hanging on the door handle. It was gone. She changed her clothes. Good for her.

Six years ago this morning, I was sitting in my classroom (hence the Alan Jackson song "Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning" and the line in that song that goes "teaching a class full of innocent children") when my dad (a hall monitor at the high school where I teach) came in and informed me of what had happened. For the rest of that school day and the following, almost all the teachers in my building had their TV's on all day long. I usually taught my lessons and then turned on the TV afterwards. Saying the pledge at school today brought tears to my eyes. I know we all remember where we were when we heard that news.

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