Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Weekend (so far) in Review

My weekend: Friday night football game at Waterloo. First win of the season for Triad, 30-16! Yay! Saturday we closed our pool with the help of some friends who came over to hold the cover in place. I am always glad when that job is done and it's one less thing I have to think about during the winter months (cleaning the pool and putting the chemicals in it). Then I went to a friend's house to help her move. We worked during the afternoon hours at both her old and new homes and then got cleaned up to go out. It was myself and 4 high school friends. We ate dinner at Tony's in Alton (yum!), went to the Alton Belle (where I actually won over $100!), and then to Wild Country in Collinsville, which I consider to be a mistake. The place was too smokey and I don't know the dances. It was also too loud that we couldn't talk to each other. Live and learn though. Came home and went to bed at 2am. Today I got up and got the girls off to Sunday School, got cleaned up and picked them up and hour later and then headed to St. Louis to a soccer game at SLU. One of my former students was playing there. She plays for SEMO. Now we are home and about ready to go to the park for a walk with our dog (the day is too perfect not to do this, it's 75 degrees!). Then at 6pm we are meeting some friends at Alfonzo's in Maryville for pizza, salad, and wings! These are my favorite wings of all and the salad is awesome as well! We are taking the guys who helped build B1's room out as a thank-you. (The room pics will be coming soon, but Hubby still needs to hang a couple shelves.) I still need to go through the girls' backpacks, check any homework they may have had, and check out the lunch situation for tomorrow (who's do I need to make?). I know that at MY school tomorrow (and all week), we have bread bowl soup.....YUM! So I'm buying tomorrow. That's all for now, hope all of you had a good weekend too.


Dan D. said...

Whew!!! Made me tired just reading all you did this weekend!!
"Hugs" to the girls..and, "Hi" to Bruce.

Hannah said...

I second Dan. . . busy, busy! Can't wait to see pics of B1's room!