Saturday, May 3, 2008


Thursday night, the four of us went to Triad Middle School, where B1 will be attending 6th grade next year. This building was formerly Triad High School, where Hubby and I both attended for four years and where we graduated from high school.

We sat in the gym with many other parents of current 5th grade students and heard the principal explain policies, procedures, classes, rules, lunch options, pick-up an drop-off places, times, etc. It was informative although since I too teach in the district,we pretty much knew most of it already.

After the principal was through talking, he encouraged everyone to walk through the building, particularly the 6th grade wing. In doing so, Hubby and I each showed the girls where our locker during our high school years was located. Back then, you kept the same locker for all four years. The combination changed each year, but the locker itself remained the same. I have "visited" my old locker several times since high school (I taught for one year in that building when it was still a high school).

I have always known that mine was locker #611. But the other night, after I pointed out my old locker, Hubby walked a little further around the corner and straight up to his old locker. How weird is it that his locker was #711? Maybe I'm just weird and a strange "numbers kind of person" but I thought that this a pretty cool coincidence!! Also, I graduated in 1986 and hubby graduated in 1987. Is that weird? Or am I?


Rebecca said...

yes, i think it's you ;)

sltbee69 said...

That is a cool coincidence!