Wednesday, September 10, 2008

7 Years

As some of you know, I am a sucker for "meme" know, the kind where I answer a bunch of questions about ME. One of those questions often asked is something like "What TV show/movie could you watch over and over?" Around this time of the year, there are many documentaries on TV about 9/11 and when I see one of those, my eyes are glued.

I found one the other night while channel surfing. It was a play-by-play of every minute of that morning, beginning with the times when the terrorists most likely entered the airports. I can't imagine what it was like being on one of those planes. They interviewed a flight attendant and her voice was amazingly calm. I couldn't believe it. How sad listening to her voice on the recording, knowing what was going to happen to her in a matter of minutes.

As always, tomorrow I will proudly wear red, white and blue to school. I will encourage my children to do the same and saying the pledge tomorrow morning will probably choke me up a bit. 9/11/01.....WE WILL REMEMBER.


Jane said...

I read your blog but this is my first time to ever comment. I want to commend your observation of 9/11 with your students. I think it's so important for people of the U.S. to often revisit the events of that day and reconsider the horror, devastation, destruction and needless loss of so many lives that our country endured at the hands of fanatical Muslim extremists. I think it's also important to pay respects to the U.S. heroes of the day, many of whom have since died or are now dying of respiratory illnesses related to the inhalation of toxic fumes at the site. Remembering 9/11 seems even more important in the current political culture, in which so many spoiled, ungrateful U.S. citizens try to place blame on our country and coldly brush mention of it off as some kind of empty "political rhetoric," as if it was some meaningless event that has no relevance now.

Thank you for informing new generations about these events. It shows you to be a caring and patriotic person, as well as a good teacher.

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

It will definitely be a day I will never forget.

Beth said...

Thank you, Jane. Do you too have a blog? If so, I would like to read it.