Thursday, September 4, 2008

7th Hour Prep! Yippeeeee!!!

Alrighty then.....another school year has finally officially started! I am teaching 3 sections of Algebra 1B this year and 2 sections of Geometry. I have taught both classes in the past, but it's been about 5 years since I've taught Geometry. There are certain chapters in the book that I really enjoy teaching (quadrilaterals, circles, and trig functions with right triangles for sure). I almost always end up really liking the Algebra 1B classes as well even though they are a bit higher maintenance than Geometry. I got lucky this year and my schedule includes 7th hour prep! My schedule is: 1st hour Geometry, 2nd hour Algebra 1B, 3rd hour Algebra 1B, 4A lunch, 4B homeroom (study hall), 5th hour Geometry, 6th hour Algebra 1B, 7th hour prep (free hour). I have NEVER had my prep during 7th hour in the past. I have always wanted that prep time but never been lucky enough to get it. Until this year. I am very happy with my schedule. Tomorrow is our first home football game of the season, against Collinsville. We lost last Friday to Chatham Glenwood. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better outcome. Happy weekend!


Katie's blog said...

See, now I like prep before lunch, so I feel I get extra time off.

Beth said...

Yeah, Katie, I had prep AFTER lunch last year. I taught 1st - 4th hours, had cafeteria duty, then lunch, then prep, then another class. That was a pretty darn good schedule too.