Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Podcast Day!

Today is the day that Bruce and I are featured on "Be Our Guest Podcast." We discussed the Disney Cruise. If you are interested in listening to what we had to say, go here and click on "Listen NOW!" We are episode #51 (today's episode). Click on the grey arrow. The actual podcast is 36.31 minutes long.

We are planning another cruise for the end of July, 2011. As of now, I believe that some friends of ours who live in Florida, my cousin, her family, and her parents (my aunt and uncle), and my parents are going to go too. We are hoping that some more of our friends choose to come along also. It would be so neat if we knew many people on the ship!


Katie's blog said...

That is so strange!!! I was interviewed on a pod cast too! I posted mine today.

Cool interview!

Katie's blog said...

I did listen to your interview!! Wasn't it fun?