Friday, October 3, 2008

More Spirit Week Pics

Alrighty then, yes, this is me on the left! Yesterday's dress-up day was called "Theatrical Thursday" and we took that to mean we could dress up like anyone from a play or movie. So here I am dressed like a combination of the nerds from the movie "Revenge of the Nerds." Alongside me is one of my students.....a cute little pixie dressed as Tinkerbell. Unfortunately, that is all my stomach you see there, no pillow or extra fluff stuck in my pants. Yuck. I had many students who came in to my room and says something like "Oh my God, Mrs. Frank.....I thought you were a sub!" I also had people (students) who I don't even have in class walk down the hall and look at me and just start laughing. And even funnier is that in college, these were my real glasses. And I seriously thought they looked good then! Here's a picture taken today, Spirit Day, of me and our best running back. You can read about him here from an article that appeared in the Belleville News Democrat. I had JJ in class last year and he is a very respectful young who it is easy to tell comes from a great family.
When I came out to my car today after school, here is what I found. Stuff like this is what makes what we do every day so worth it.

The "BTS" supposedly stands for "Brotherhood Through Sacrafice" and is something that our football team chants before and after games.



Katie's blog said...

I have awesome glasses like that too. They were hot!!!

Dan D. said... make one terrific "nerd".