Sunday, October 19, 2008


Not much has been going on with us this week.

* We had turkey breast, mashed potatoes & gravy, peas, and rolls for dinner tonight. It was very tasty!

*B1 begins her basketball season this weekend. They began practicing 2 weeks ago in the new SJES gym. Bruce says they could practice every day this week and he still doesn't think they would be ready. We'll see.....

* The girls were off school two days last week. Monday was Columbus Day so we were all off. Friday was the Madison County Teacher's Institute. It was awful. It was too crowded and you couldn't walk in the halls. The first speaker I had to go listen to was awful, and the exhibits were geared only towards elementary teachers. Why do they always forget about us high school people?

* Our best running back, JJ, got hurt in Friday's game. We won anyway, 41-18. He has an upper ankle sprain. I communicated with him late Friday night and again on Saturday morning via text message and he said he is going to sit out this week and let it rest. This week's game is nonconference. Hopefully he will be ready for the first playoff game the following week.

* We began buying a few Christmas gifts on Saturday. I can't say what we specifically bought because sometimes B1 reads my blog. I do feel a little bit better about what we are going to get this year though. I am one of those people who doesn't really mind spending the money to get the stuff, it's just knowing what to get that stresses me out.

* We ate dinner Saturday night at Sam's Pizza in Highland. Yumm-O! Then we managed to spend $275 at Wal-Mart on nothing much. The ecomony sucks.

That's all for now.


Nancy R said...

I'd love to hear your Christmas gift ideas via email. I'm struggling this year, and our kids are similar ages.

Leeann said...

Sorry...I heard nothing after "We had turkey breast, mashed potatoes & gravy, peas, and rolls for dinner tonight." I think I'm hungry! :)
Thanks for the comment...I don't judge all math teachers by this one...I have loved all my other professors...this one however....the devil! :)

Anonymous said...

email us the girl's bball schedules, maybe we could get down ther some weekend to see a game or two.

The carter's