Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our Little Teacher?

Yesterday was a half day for the girls at school because us teachers had a school improvement day. B2's teacher decided that it would be a good day for dress-up. B2 said that at first it was going to be an "anything" day, meaning you could dress in PJ's, crazy hair, or anything you wanted. Then I guess the teacher decided that might be too crazy, so she decided on career day. B2 chose to dress as a teacher (imagine that!). This dress is in their "dress-up" clothes bin and B1 wore it once on the same kind of day at school. We bought these glasses specifically for B1 when she needed them then. They have the lenses taken out. I made an ID for her with one of her wallet-size picture from this year. I wrote her name with '08-'09 on it and we pinned it to her dress. We didn't have enough time this morning to find her a lanyard and some old keys so I just gave her my school keys for the day and stressed how important it was that she NOT LOSE them! She looked so cute!
I'm not sure if B2 really wants to be a teacher when she grows up or not. I think she thinks she wants to be a teacher simply because both of her parents are and her sister wants to be one. I think B1 will be a great teacher. She is awesome with little kids and loves to play mommy (still) to her dolls. B2.....I think she would be great in a career with animals. She just LOVES them! Not bugs though!

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Willy said...

She looks so grown-up! Our little one loves animals too!