Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day!

I plan to post pictures of our Halloween soon. I just haven't gotten around to downloading them yet.

Hope you all voted today. No matter the outcome, I know our country is in need of some new leadership. Let's hope the new leader can steer us into the right direction.

Our soccer team lost today in the super-sectional game. Had they won, they would have gone to state this weekend. But this is the farthest any boys' soccer team from our school has ever gone, so they have to be proud of themselves. We had 4 busses of fans (students) go to the game. I know the big thing for them was that they got to miss their 6th and 7th hour classes today, but no matter.....it was nice to have so many kids cheering on our boys. They were all very well-behaved too, which was nice.

The good thing about us losing is that now, this weekend, I am free to go to a 3-day scrapbook crop! I don't think I will go on Friday night but I am thinking about going all day on Saturday, stay at the hotel Saturday night, and then stay for most of the day on Sunday. I hope to finally get last year's vacation done and hopefully start on this year's too. We will see.

Our new quarter at school starts tomorrow. The first quarter finally ended today. We started really late this year. I am seriously hoping for no snow days. Even without the snow days, MY last day of school would be June 4. WITH snow days, it would be June 11. I guess that's really not too bad. Those calls at 4:30 or 5:00am are kinda nice though......especially when it's a really cold day and the bed feels sooooo good! ha ha ha!

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Kim said...

I bet we don't get any snow days this year, since we had, what, 10 last year? But weren't they nice?