Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekend Results

Like I said in a previous post, I spent most of last weekend scrapbooking. It was awesome! My friend Michelle and I even stayed overnight in a hotel (even though we were only about 20 or so miles from home) so we could minimize any time that would have had to be spent driving back and forth! There were several people there who did the same thing. It was great being in a community of people who "get" that it is fun to stay up for something like 18 hour straight and doing nothing but scrapboking (and taking little breaks to potty and eat!)!

Remember, you can click on any of the images for a larger view. I realize these pictures aren't the greatest!
I managed to finish our 2007 vacation. Above are 2 pages of a water park at Cedar Point called Soak City.
Here are 2 more pages of that water park.
The 2 pages above and the 2 pages below are of pictures that were taken in Cooperstown, NY.
The Anchor Bar is a restaurant in Buffalo, NY, where buffalo chicken wings originated. The other page here is of pictures that were taken at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, ON.
There are several pages of Niagara Falls pictures!
We rode the Maid of the Mist, did Journey Behind the Falls, saw the IMAX movie about the Niagara daredevils (people who tried to go over the falls in barrels, etc.), and drove down the Niagara River to the area where there is a large gondola that goes across the river.
My parents also treated us one day to lunch up in the Skylon Tower overlooking the falls. It was beautiful from up there and probably the best view of any that we had.

We went to a baseball game in Toronto, where B1 and B2 got to meet 2 of the characters from "High School Musical 2." They were signing autographs outside the game that day.
I love these 2 pages! On the left side are tiny little cut-out footprints next to each of the states that B1 and B2 have visited. B1 has been to 2 more states (Kansas and Colorado) than B2.
And the last 2 pages I did were from the last day of the trip. We went to a baseball game in Detroit.

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You are so crafty and creative! Those are amazing!