Sunday, November 23, 2008

Remembering Jessica and Kelli

My family and I attended the candelight vigil tonight given in honor of Jessica and Kelli Uhl. It was a very nice ceremony. Their mom Kim spoke to the crowd as did their father. Then a few other people said some nice words about the girls and the healing process. The main thing I heard from everyone was simply "thank you so much for coming." They seemed to be so very grateful to everyone for coming out on a cold night to support them. It was nice to finally meet Kim in person as I have been reading her blog now for awhile. She is a very pretty lady and I am amazed at how strong she seems to be.

Pink candles were handed out to everyone in attendance and pictures of the girls were displayed. I took a magnet and a bracelet in remembrance of the girls I never knew. I also saw Maddy, the youngest daughter/sister. She is a cutie! Ironically, as the ceremony was coming to an end, a police siren sounded nearby. Kim spoke to the siren saying something like " need to be quiet now!" It was cute. I hope God continues to look over this family and help them along. They seem to be a strong group who love and care for each other.

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Kimberly said...

It was nice to meet you and your family last night. Wasn't that siren ironic?