Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vacation Plans 2009

Well, yesterday was it. No more days off for us teachers until Good Friday now. Not sure if I'll be able to make it! Ha ha! Yeah, some districts get off more days at Easter, but this year we only get Good Friday. This again is because we started so late. My last day (assuming there are no more snow days) will be June 10. The last day for my (high school) students who don't have to take any final exams will be June 4. We are currently studying 3 options for next year's calendar, any of which will have us starting school in the the middle of August. Yeah, it will be a short summer. But that's OK; I'll survive.

Vacation plans for this summer include a 5-day trip back to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio in June. It takes about 10 hours to get there so we will drive one day, visit the amusement park for 2 days, visit the water park for 1 day, and then drive back home the last day. While there (60 miles west of Cleveland), I also want to go to the Christmas Story Museum in Cleveland. I just love that movie! Then about the 3rd week of July, we plan to go to South Dakota. We will see Mt. Rushmore, Devil's Tower (in northeast Wyoming), the Black Hills, Deadwood, the Corn Palace, Wall Drug, and also go to DeSmet (a "Little House" site where Laura Ingalls Wilder once lived). I am excited about this trip because it's been many years since I've seen Mt. Rushmore and also because we are not making any reservations for this one. We don't even know for sure which day we will leave. And we won't know either, until we just go. We are just going to wait for B2's ball season to end and then probably leave the following day or 2 days later. I'm not sure I've ever taken a vacation like that (not knowing when we are going to leave????) but I know it will be fine, and fun!


Kathy G said...

Last year DH and I went to Cleveland, but our big activities were the R&R Hall of Fame and a museum exhibit.

About 10 years ago the whole family went to South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore) and Wyoming (Yellowstone and Grand Tetons). Along the way we stopped to see the Corn Palace and Wall Drug. We did a combination of camping and hotel sleeping. The whole thing was a lot of fun.

Kim said...

My in-laws went to the amusement park to ride the roller coaster. They waited about two hours while it was being fixed, then just before the park closed, they were told it wouldn't reopen that day. They were bummed.

I so want to see the Christmas Story museum! Fra-gee-lee, must be Italian. :)

Katie's blog said...

I have been to that amusement park. That is my favorite park - I hope you like it!!