Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Wrap

So we had some snow last night....not a whole lot but enough to make the ground white this morning when we woke up. It is mostly melted now.

We participated in 2 trivia nights again this weekend. Friday was the first annual one at B2's school. It was very well organized and they had a lot of silent auction items, many of which were very nice. The trivia questions were a bit too hard in our (and many other's) opinions. But overall, a great night with friends. We placed 5th out of 25 teams, thanks to Michelle, who knew all of the music questions. I won 2 silent auction items, one of which was the Pampered Chef trifle bowl. It only cost me $20! It also came with a $15 gift certificate to be used with a certain Pampered Chef consultant. I looked up the price of the bowl in the catalog and it normally sells for $39. I think I got a steal!

Last night we did trivia in Alton with some friends. There were 51 tables at this one and we came in 7th I believe. There were a couple of guys on our team who were amazing with some TV trivia! Wow. If not for them, we certainly would not have faired so well.

Another full week of school looms ahead of me. It is finally the last week of our 3rd quarter and therefore, finals week for all of the students. They take finals this Friday (4/3) and the following Monday (4/6). Those make for nice days for us teachers.....just sit and watch your students take tests all day long! And finally then, we will be on the last quarter of this year.

Hope you all have a great week. I'll try to check back in in a few days!

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