Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Successful Weekend

Here are the pages I scrapbooked this weekend. I got 22 of them done! It was a very nice, relaxing weekend spent with myself! I arrived at the conference center around 9am Saturday morning and immediately began scrapbooking. I only left the building once, to go across the way to the hotel and check in. I ate lunch and dinner from the buffet of food that everyone had brought. Yummy! I used my Cricut that I received for Christmas a lot this weekend to cut out letters and other decorations for my pages. I stayed there scrapbooking until 2am on Saturday night / Sunday morning and then went to my hotel room. I didn't turn out the lights until 3am. Then I slept until 10:30am the following morning! I got cleaned up, drove to McDonald's to get a salad, and then took it to the coference center to eat it for lunch. Then I began scrapbooking again and stayed until the very end.....5:30pm. Bruce and the girls met me in Highland for dinner a little after 6pm. It was a great weekend and I feel like I got a lot done.

The quality of these pictures isn't the greatest. If you want to see any of them closer, just click on the actual picture and it will enlarge for you.
I did a 4-page spread of the tearing down of our elementary school, which took place last summer.

Then I did a 2-page spread for each of the girls of pictures taken at last summer's swimming lessons.

B1's pizza-making from last summer

The girls riding on the float at the St. Jacob Homecoming

The "Last Blast" Party we had in August

B1's first middle school dance
B1's Braces
Some misc. pictures of B2
Some old misc. pictures of both girls
The girls carving pumpkins and our Halloween pictures

And that's about it! I think I am finally ready to tackle the Disney 2008 pictures! That project will take me FOREVER!


Anonymous said...

You sure are getting creative with that new Cricut machine. Your pages are awesome! I hope to get a lot accomplished this weekend at the crop Sat. Wish me luck!!!


Willy said...

Wow! They look great!

Wendy said...

Good grief, how did you do so many??? Looks great!

Have you seen Small Town Snapshot Sunday? You might like it since you live in a small town like me!