Saturday, July 19, 2008

St. Jacob Homecoming First Night

The homecoming went well last night. B1 and B2 enjoyed riding on the float as always. The weather was hot and humid but we are used to that by now. I told Hubby while we were watching the parade that if someone who grew up in a big city or didn't know "small town life" were to watch our parade, they would think it was the biggest hick thing they have ever seen. Lots of farm equipment, tractors pulling floats, ball teams in the back of pick-up trucks, horses, etc. There really aren't very many pretty floats anymore. But anyway, this kind of parade is what we have always had and what people seem to love. It's always fun. Above, B2 laughing because she just hit me with a strang of beads while I was trying to take her picture!
B2 and on HER right, her friend Micah. On HER left, her friend Cami.
Both of them as they passed by.


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