Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation Day 1

Like I explained from last year's vacation, my parernal grandmother used to keep a journal whenever we took her on vacation with us (which was pretty much every summer). When I got old enough, I began keeping a journal as well. She used to write things down like where we ate and how much it cost, etc. I thought that was weird at the time but now I understand it. Today I looked back at my journal from 2004 and I had written down the cost of our dinner. I was surprised at the inexpense of the cost from only 4 years ago. Anyway, once again this year, I am going to keep the journal on our laptop and when we arrive home, I will print it out. Following is what I wrote for today.

We decided to leave a day early and took off a little before 9am this morning. We drove until we got to Clarksville, TN and stopped for lunch at Dairy Queen. I had promised B1 that we would try to find a DQ before we left. She was craving it for some reason. We also got some gas and then got back on the road. I drove the first 250 miles and then Hubby took over. I slept for awhile and when I woke up, we were in Chattanooga. We stopped for dinner at exit #221 on I-75 in Georgia. We ate at a Golden Corral ($35.27 for the 4 of us with water to drink). We drove a while longer and are now at a Holiday Inn in Perry, GA. We packed an overnight bag so all we really had to bring into the hotel room was that bag, the “bathroom” bag, the laptop, and the bag with books, magazines, etc. in it. It was easy to move into the hotel room tonight. Tomorrow won’t be so easy. Oh well!

We got our toes done yesterday after we decided we were going to leave today. Above is B2's foot (I like her toes the best of the 3 of us).
Here is what B2 french tips and black flowers on her big toes. No, she is not a "goth" kind of girl. I told her that it looks like her toes are bleeding!
And here is my foot. Last year for vacation I just did a french tip. This year I chose to have a flower as well. I think I would like it better if I had 1 big flower on each foot but this is fine too. All of our flowers have little sparklie stones in the middle of them.

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