Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Past Two Days

I finally went back to the doctor yesterday since the Plantar Fasciitis in my foot never did really get better. He gave me a cortisone injection and ordered physical thereapy. Yay. I had PT over two years ago when I tore the ACL in my right knee. I must say that the facility I chose was wonderful and it seems the people really know what they are doing and have a great bedside manner. Anyway, today was my first appointment. And. My. Therapist. Was. Cute! Yeah, he is a 27-year old guy (kid). We chatted a lot about high school, college, his job, my job, etc. I found myself thanking God that I had shaved my legs this morning because his hands were on them more than I remembered. Gees. Thank God too that I have somewhat of a tan and my toes were painted! I'm gonna have to shave again tomorrow before my next appointment. And Hubby is so happy to hear about the cute therapist! Ha ha!

Also, last night, I attended "camera class" at the superstore location of the chain where I bought my camera. I swear, it was the fastest 2 hours of my life. Seriously. I never looked at my watch once during the class (which was directed specifically at the brand and model of MY new camera and which only had 2 other participants) and when the instructor was finished, I thought that we had been in there maybe an hour. I was completely shocked when I looked at my watch. Wow. Now I just need to remember the things he taught us and use them!

Tonight, the four of us went to the movies. Hubby saw "Hancock" with Will Smith and said it was OK. The girls and I saw "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl" and it was WONDERFUL!! Seriously, I wasn't expecting a whole lot but knew the girls would like it so that's why we chose that movie. The story was great, the acting was pretty good, and we found ourselves not wanting the movie to end. I would recommend the movie to any parent for their child (boys too). We will definitely buy this one when it comes out on DVD.

Tomorrow, B1 and B2 find out if they "passed" their swimming lessons for this year. I know B2 will stay at the same level because she was passed on last Friday. I am really hoping B1 passes. She says they have been telling her that everything is good and not correcting her on anything the past couple days so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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Willy said...

How about using that new camera to take a picture of your PT???? See you guys Sunday!