Monday, June 30, 2008

Picture(s) #30

Well, here it is.....St. Jacob Elementary when it was still standing one week ago.....The process began on Tuesday, June 24.
Some colorful lockers in the rubble.
This was the newest section of the building.
One wing gone.
And now for the original school. Notice the huge holes in the front of the building. Above these doors used to hang large stone/marble plates that read "Grade School" and "High School" (from the days before 1959 when Triad opened). Apparantly, if you were in grade school, you better not even think about going through the door marked for high school students! Anyway, the construction company took these out in pieces. I am not sure what the plans are for them yet but hopefully they will put them somewhere in the new building, as well as the cornerstone from this old building.
See the crack in the top?
Here's the cornerstone, which was damaged upon removal. It appears that there might be a time capsule inside it. I saw it myself. There is definitely something inside it that isn't brick or concrete or stone.
This is a view of what used to be the gymnasium. The doorway in the lower left-hand corner of the picture went into the cafeteria.
Pretty sad looking.....the entire front now torn off.
Another view of the front.
Then only one doorway standing (and the stairwell above it).
And finally.....nothing. That's the new school you see behind the rubble.

So yeah, we are kinda sad. We have several bricks that we picked up from the rubble as well as a couple pieces of gym floor. What we're going to do with those, we have no idea yet! I do plan to put a brick in my classroom at the high school next year though.

On another note, this is the end of my "picture a day" endeavor for June. I have enjoyed it and may try to continue for the next couple weeks. I don't promise anything though and I won't feel bad if I don't get something posted each day. But this wasn't as difficult or time-consuming as I anticipated it would be. Happy July!


Dan D. said...

Hey Beth...I've really enjoyed your "picture a day". Thanks for sharing all the photos of the school coming down. Can't believe how fast they got rid of all the rubble. Kind of sad to see it go..but, also kind of exciting to see something so new and beautiful in town. See ya in 18 days at the Homecoming. Can't wait!!!

Hi! I'm Kim said...

Sad, but that's the price of progress.