Friday, June 20, 2008

Picture(s) #20

These are old license plates hanging in our garage:
NFF 26: This was Hubby's father's initials and the year he was born. I remember when we moved into our house, I found this old plate and I myself nailed it up in the garage. I thought it was a good reminder of him.
MH 4576: This plate was on Hubby's first car, a navy blue Ford Thunderbird (probably a late 70's model). Then it was transferred to his new car, a 1990 red Pontiac Sunbird.
XX 7670: No, this wasn't a movie rating, it was the first plate on my very first car, purchased about two months after I graduated from college. The car was a 1991 white Chevrolet Cavalier. It was a stick shift too so I could feel like I was "really" driving!
BAF 93: These are our initials (all of ours) and the year that Hubby and I got married. This plate has always been on our van, which is 10 years old this year.
BAF X 2: When it was only the two of us, my math mind came up with BAF "times" 2. It was first on a royal blue Ford Contour.
BAF X 3: When B1 was born, we had to change to this one, which was on the Contour as well.
BAF X 4: When B2 was born, we switched again. This plate was on the Contour and is now on Hubby's Ford Escape. The number will not be going any higher than 4!
The Frank's sign: (Yes, I realize this is grammatically incorrect) Was given to us as a wedding gift and hung above our garage door for many years. It is showing its wear now though but since it was a wedding gift, we didn't want to get rid of it so Hubby thought this was a good spot for it.

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