Thursday, June 5, 2008

Picture(s) #5

The first picture is of B1 and B2 in their softball uniforms. Hubby had to coach B1's game tonight by himself (the other 2 coaches couldn't be there) so he had to call in some "reinforcements." The second picture is of my dad hitting some practice grounders to the girls. Dad used to coach my brother's baseball teams for many years and tonight, he got right back into the rhythm! He also coached third base.
B1's team tied tonight. They haven't lost a game yet and this was their first tie. It seemed that many of them were just a bit "off" tonight. I guess at least we didn't lose!
B2's team WON their first game of the season tonight! Whoo-hoo! And B2 got a HIT! She has been struggling at the plate but tonight, she hit the ball!

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Willy said...

Way to go girls!! The kids are still talking about you guys coming over the other night!