Sunday, June 15, 2008

Picture(s) #15

Here are the pictures I took today, at our 3rd annual Father's Day BBQ/family gathering. This is a picture of two mother/child combos: My cousin Matthew with his mom, my Aunt Sokun; my Aunt Linda with her daughter, my cousin Carma.
Gathering in the garage: My Uncle Lloyd, Grandma Lila, brother Darren, and my dad

Watching TV in the sunroom: My cousin's husband Marc and my mom
In the back yard: my niece-in-law Shandra, great niece Elley, and sister-in-law Debbie.Trying to stay in the shade are Hubby and my nephew Robby.
Getting ready to go down the slide, this is my second cousin Evan.
Here is B1 "babysitting" her 3rd cousin (and my 2nd) Lawson.
B2 getting ready to slide.
This is my Goddaughter (and also second cousin) Elise playing in the pool
Nephew Ryan catching his daughter Chloe coming off the slide.
My niece-in-law Jenny posing pretty for a picture with her daughter Elley.
Hubby and me (yep, that's a Kenny Chesney T-shirt I have on).
And finally, a close-up pic of the hydrangea bush in our back yard.

I believe a good time was had by everyone, and the rain and hail that hit part of our area managed to stay away from our house so we were able to remain outside all day. The pool definitely felt good but by later in the afternoon, the heat did subside some. Happy Father's Day!


Katie's blog said...

Nice pics!!!

Dan D. said...

Hi Beth...looks like you all had a really great time. Hope your Mom made it through the day OK. Take care...and, see ya'll at the Homecoming..

Kerri said...

Love. the. shirt.