Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Picture #25

B1 decided a couple days ago that she wanted to prepare dinner for our family. She looked through a kids cookbook and also online to find a few recipes. She decided to make French bread pizza for the main dish, trail mix for a side dish, and cookie pops for dessert. Everything turned out great, especially the pizza! B2 helped out as well, but B1 was mainly in charge. She even served it to us and then helped with the dishes.


Anonymous said...

I like that - B1 when are you cooking for me? I hope you dripped some of that pizza sauce on that Triad shirt!

Dan the Man

Hi! I'm Kim said...

Boo, Triad (sorry, Kahoks girl here).

But the cheese? On that pizza? Yum!!!

Dan D. said...

Boo Triad (sorry, Mater Dei guy here..LOL). Seriously, gotta come up to Peoria and cook your French Breach Pizza for me and Mary Ann. Ummm, looks delicious. Makes me hungry. Can't wait to see you guys at the Homecoming. Sure hope the weather's good. Take care, you guys. See ya.

Dan D. said...

Just read my note...'breach' obviously should be 'bread'. Hey, it's 5:50 on a Saturday MORNING!!