Sunday, June 8, 2008

Picture #8

Hubby and I were asked to judge a BBQ contest that took place today. We judged smoked meat in the areas of chicken, ribs, pork shoulder, and brisket. It was pretty cool how you could actually taste the difference in the way that people prepare their meat. And the tastes were sooo wonderful! We were told to come hungry but only take two bites maximum of each meat. There were approximately 15 entries in each category and each table judged five of those entries. Any of the meat that we had on our placemat which wasn't eaten could be brought home for a later time. Therefore, we have lots of baggies filled with BBQ in our fridge now for "leftover" meals this week. I will have NO PROBLEM doing this little task again next year if we are asked!

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Kathy G said...

Lucky you! I hope you get many "bonus" meals out of your leftovers.

I tried to go to a (open to the public) BBQ contest last year, but we got there too late.