Saturday, June 28, 2008

Picture #28

I am posting early today because we have a full day ahead of us. Here is B2 and her best friend, who actually goes to a different school than she. They met in day care when they were only 2 years old. We had a sleepover last night with a lot of giggling! Today, both girls have ball games. I am going to miss B1's game to go to a baby shower in Ballwin, MO. The shower is for my friend Donna's daughter Stephanie, who got married last September. The baby is due this September. I should be back in time to see B2's game since it doesn't start until later in the afternoon. After her game, Hubby and I are going to deliver the girls to my parents who plan to take them to a local homecoming and out to eat. Hubby and I are then headed to Lumiere Place for dinner and gaming! I don't know what time we will get home so I thought I better post early as to get it done before midnight. Happy Saturday!

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