Thursday, June 12, 2008

Picture #12

We have a Father's Day picnic at our house each year. Today, B1, B2, and I went strawberry picking because one of the dishes we are going to offer this year is strawberry shortcake. I used to go pick strawberries with my Grandma Philipine when I was young. She loved strawberries. I remember riding out into the field on some type of wagon with her. We didn't have a wagon ride today as the picking spot was close enough to the shed where we picked up our boxes. It didn't take us very long (maybe 20 minutes or so) to pick these strawberries since we worked together. They aren't very big in size but there were plenty of them. Yum!


Hi! I'm Kim said...

Oh, so jealous of your home-grown strawberries.

Linlee said...

Those look so good. You're making me hungry.