Monday, June 23, 2008

Picture #23

I used to own a LOT of trolls. Russ trolls. When I worked in Florissant (in the early 90's), there was a little shop next door to my office called "Grins." It was a gift shop sort of place with weird stuff that you didn't find just anywhere. The store carried lots of trolls. My friend Donna and I somehow convinced our boss to buy trolls for us and I think I had close to 50 of them. I used to have them displayed in my bedroom when I lived at home but then when Hubby and I got married, they went into a box (for one reason, because Hubby wasn't happy that I was displaying the gifts of another guy! Ha ha!). But anyway, I have recently begun selling the trolls on ebay. I know I will never display them again and they are just taking up space in my small house. Here are two that I am currently selling. The one that has brought the most $$$ so far was a girl troll dressed in a bath robe with white cream all over her face and rollers in her hair. I believe she brought $40! I have a HUGE troll in my classroom at school which was also a gift from the same guy. This one is probably 18 inches tall and some of my students tell me that his eyes freak them out. So of course then I have to take the troll and set him right next to said students during a test! Ha ha!


Audrey said...

Those are really cute. I used to have a lot of trolls when I was in my 20's. Over the years and through the moves I seem to have parted with all of them. Your post brought back wonderful memories and made me smile.

Hi! I'm Kim said...

I had a troll doll when I was younger, just one. Man, I miss him!