Friday, June 6, 2008

Picture #6

Alright, B2 and I went shopping today. We are alone today and will be again tomorrow because Hubby and B1 are out of town until late tomorrow night. We made a day of it and here is everything we bought: a new mat for outside the sunroom door, Easy Bake oven cinnamon rolls, some dog treats for Shinza, Father's Day cards, a Disney CD for the girls, two plastic cups for the girls to use with their sno-cone maker, a bottle of watermelon flavored snow-cone syrup, a plactic travel container for shampoo, seven hand soaps and three body wash/lotion combos from Bath and Body, squirrel food, three books and one doll that B2 bought with birthday gift cards, a Cardinal hat for my dad for Father's day (shhh......don't tell him!), a new purse for me that was purchased mainly with a birthday gift card (OMG.....have you seen the price of purses lately! It's crazy! We got this one from the 50% off rack!), and two car air fresheners. Also pictured is our leftover popcorn from trying to go to a movie this afternoon (the weather didn't allow us though because the theater was evacuating everyone just prior to our showtime because of tornado warnings), our leftover containers from Lonestar Steakhouse, and a piece of rhubarb pie that was on my kitchen counter when we got home (thank you, Mom!).

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