Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Picture #10

This is a picture of St. Jacob Elementary School. It is slated to be torn down tomorrow. Sigh. The cornerstone (which can be seen in this picture) is dated 1936. My parents attended this school from 1st - 12th grades (there was no kindergarten then). They were members of the last high school class to graduate from this building. Hubby and I attended here from K - 8th grades and we had 8th grade graduation ceremonies then. B1 attended here from K - 5th grade (it only houses students through 5th grade now) and B2 attended from K - 2nd grade. Next year she will get to attend the brand new building, which was built directly behind this one. On this site will be a circle drive for dropping off children. It will be kind of a sad day for those of us who attended there. But, it's also progress!


Dan D. said...

I know it's pretty much beyond repair..but, I find it very sad that it has to be torn down. Once it's gone..it's gone forever. A real piece of St. Jacob history wiped away. Future residents will never get to appreciate what that building has meant to so many people, including my wife, Mary Ann. Her Mom and Dad spent many years of their lives working there. If the wall of that place could talk..there'd be lots of pretty interesting stories, I'm sure.

Hi! I'm Kim said...

It's sad when historic buildings are torn down. I'm glad your family has fond memories.