Saturday, July 5, 2008

Disney and July 4th Weekend

Hey! For all you Disney buffs out there, I have found out about a Disney podcast that comes right out of good old St. Louis. My friend Donna's brother-in-law is sort of the ringleader and I think it's pretty informative. If you are interested, check it out here. I have been checking the message boards and also listening to some of the podcasts. Good stuff. Oh, and by the way, I added another day to our upcoming trip. It's now going to be 17 nights and 18 days long! I got to thinking and realized that we really weren't going to have much "down time." My kids like to swim, I like to shop, and we simply need some time to relax. So I realized that we really could leave a day earlier than we had planned. Now, instead of spending the morning at Animal Kingdom and the afternoon at Epcot (on the same day), we will be able to take two days to do these parks. We won't have to get up as early on those days because we don't have a whole lot of "must-sees" in those places, so we will be able to take our time more and also, probably come back to the hotel early enough in the evening for a swim. Anyway, needless to say, I am excited!

I hope everyone's fourth of July was great. Ours was pretty good, although not really too exciting. We had Cardinal tickets and it was the first game I've been to so far this year that they lost. I am 5-1 now. And losing to the Cubs just really sucks. Oh well, they won today! We had my parents and brother over tonight for home-made pizza, salad, and strawberry shortcake. We also played euchre, something we hadn't done in quite awhile. It was relaxing just sitting outside on the deck watching the girls swim, and playing cards. Tomorrow morning, we are celebrating the birthday of one of my best friends by going to brunch and then going to a BBQ in the afternoon at the home of some other good friends. Fun times!

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