Saturday, August 4, 2007

Finally some pictures!

Here are some misc. pictures of us at Niagara Falls. B1 says her favorite part of the trip has been the Maid of the Mist ride and B2 just says Niagara Falls in general. I think my favorite part was Cedar Point, simply because I had never been there before and I love roller coasters. Had I never been at Niagara Falls, that would have been my favorite. It is simply amazing and just mesmerizing to watch.
My mother-in-law says our new kitchen looks "beautiful." I can't wait to get home to see it!


Nine Months Off said...

I love reading your posts about Niagara Falls. My husband and I went there last summer with his family. The in-laws part of it sucked, but the falls themselves were just gorgeous and overall it's a great memory for us :)

Willy said...

Yeah pictures! The Falls look awesome! Sounds like everyone's having a good time!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Looks like everyone is having a good time. Great pics. Loved that you shared it with us.

I'm sure I'll be talking w/you soon as you will teaching my one and only.

Lisa K