Friday, August 3, 2007

.....Two More Days.....

Mom was talking tonight about something that she had done last week as if it was last month. It seems like last week was a long time ago. I can't decide if that is good or bad!?! It does seem as if we have been gone a long time! I am sort of anxious to get home to see my new kitchen but then again, school starts exactly 1 week after we get home and I don't think I'm ready for that yet. People who know me know how much I love my students and I will enjoy seeing them again, but this summer went by so quickly with all the improvements we are trying to make at home. I could use a little more time........... BUT it will all work out as it always does. I must say that B1 and B2 have been good little travels. They always have been really. We took B1 to Florida at 6 mos. of age and then to Colorado at 18 mos. They are almost better travels for long distances then for short ones around home. They get a little squirly at times and we must correct them, but for the most part, we can't ask for much more.

As you can see, I still have not posted any pictures. Every time I think about doing so, the digital camera is in the van and I am in my PJ's and simply don't feel like going to get it. I will get some pictures eventually. Here is what we have been up to these past 2 days:

August 2, 2007: Today we slept late, which felt great! Once we were all up and showered, etc., we went downstairs to the Denny’s that is in our hotel and ate brunch. Some of us had breakfast and some of us had lunch. We drove into Canada again and drove a little ways down the Niagara River, towards the Ariel tram ride. We didn’t ride the tram, only looked at it. Then we stopped at a souvenir store so Mom could buy a sweatshirt. Mom and Dad came back to the hotel while the 4 of us headed to “Journey Behind the Falls.” We didn’t get there until about 2:30pm and they were selling tickets for 5pm. We bought some and then went to the mall for awhile to waste some time. The mall is connected to a casino, so my hubby and I each took turns gambling while the other one stayed with the girls. Then we went behind the falls at 5pm. It was nice but not as great as we expected it to be. But the girls liked it so I guess that’s what matters. We ate dinner at a TGI Friday’s Restaurant and then came back to the US side. We went to Goat Island and got some pictures and some really close up views of both the US and Canadian Falls. Finally we got back to the room about 9pm. The girls stayed here with Mom and Dad while my hubby and I went to the casino a couple blocks away to gamble some more. We got back to the hotel room about 11:45 and went to bed.

August 3, 2007: We slept in today! Yay! When we got up, we opened the adjoining door to Mom and Dad’s room and found a note that said they had to go get some coffee at the casino! Yeah, right! Anyway, my hubby took the girls to the pool and I went to the treadmill in the fitness room. It sucked! The room doesn’t have an air vent and I think I would have broken a sweat just sitting in there for 40 minutes. But I walked and felt much better about it once it was done. We got cleaned up and packed our stuff into our car, had lunch at Denny’s, and then once again headed across the bridge into Canada. It’s funny how the customs people treat you differently every time. They all ask to see your ID of course, but the questions they ask are always different. We took a good look at the falls one last time and then headed for Toronto. It didn’t take too long to get here. We are staying together in a Quality Suites Hotel. Mom and Dad have the king bed, my hubby and I have the double bed, and the girls have the pull-out sofa bed. We went downtown via some side streets and found it to be very interesting. It was amazing to us how many little restaurants, shops, stores, etc. are along the streets here. You could find almost any kind of food you desire! Bruce went to the Hockey Hall of Fame and the 5 of us just found a few little shops in which to kill some time. Once Bruce was back with us, we drove back towards our hotel and found a mall with a movie theatre. We all went to see the movie “No Reservations” with Catherine Zeta-Jones. It was good and we all liked it, the girls more so than the guys. We ate dinner in the mall after that at the Rainforest CafĂ©, which Mom and Dad had never been to. We all enjoyed our food. We came back to the room and went to bed about 11:30pm.

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