Monday, August 27, 2007

Friendship Bread???

I have a student teacher this semester and today, she brought me a starter portion of "Amish Friendship Bread." I have heard of this in the past, but never actually tried it. I must admit that I am skeptical. Has anyone out there ever made this bread before? The bag she gave me contains a yellowish liquid that is made up of sugar, flour, eggs, and milk.......I think. I am NOT supposed to put this mixture in the fridge. Milk not in the fridge? Hmmm.......that just doesn't sound very appetizing. On Wednesday, I add some more sugar, flour, and milk again and still don't put it in the fridge. On Monday, Sept. 3, I add a bunch more ingredients, make up 4 new bags of "stuff" to give to other people who may want this goo, and then bake what I have left to make 2 loaves of supposedly very yummy bread. I just have issues with the thought of milk not being refrigerated. I am going to go ahead and proceed with the whole thing because I want to experience this and see what it's all about and see if the bread is as good as I have heard. But I still am a bit grossed out. What do you think?


Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

I was the same way, and being too lazy to pass the stuff on I ditched all the extras and just baked what I was to keep for myself.

Of course, it was moist, yummy, and awesome and my kids begged for more - and I'd trashed it.

It's a sourdough thing, I think that's why it doesn't need to be in the fridge. However, our recipe said not to open the bag unless it was time to add stuff BUT, it was fermenting like crazy and I was afraid it was going to explode so I released the gas several times. The bread still turned out okay.

Jenn said...

Friendship bread is fabulous! You have to leave it out of the fridge so it ferments (basically, you don't use yeast, you use the natural fermentation to get it to rise), and the timing is essential.

MommySecrets said...

My grandmother used to make friendship bread often. It's super yummy!