Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

Well, it's almost Labor Day weekend, the first official holiday weekend of the school year! Yippeee!!! And the great thing about THIS Labor Day weekend is that I/we already have 3 entire weeks of school completed! Next year at this time, we will only be beginning school, but this year, there are 3 weeks down and only 33 to go.

I realized yesterday that 11 months from right now, the 4 of us will be on our Disney Cruise. Yeah, I'm a bit excited about that but I wouldn't say that I "can't wait" because I most certainly can. There are many moments of life to live and hopefully lots of good things that are going to happen between now and 11 months from now. But I can still imagine what it's going to be like.............I just love Disney World and everything about it and I anticipate our Disney vacations more than any others. In addition to the cruise, we will also spend a good bit of time in all the Disney parks, water parks, and Universal! And the great part is that even after we get back home, there will still be a good 3 weeks of summer vacation left before school starts.

It was announced today at school that we will return to the regular schedule next week! Thank God! I really hate having to get my girls up at 5:40am. That's just not fair for a 10 and 7 year old. I am also happy for my own students; now they won't have to listen to me until 7:45am instead of 6:45! And tomorrow is "Football Friday," as B1, B2, and I like to call it. Triad plays at Collisnville tomorrow night. Hopefully we can secure a win after the week 1 loss to Chatham.

Looking forward to a somewhat relaxing tomorrow night, SLEEP on Saturday morning, a birthday party Saturday at noon, family party Saturday afternoon/evening, and ????? on Sunday and Monday. I am hoping the weather is nice enough to take the girls fishing on Sunday. They earned a fishing afternoon over the summer and still have not redeemed it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

Disney Cruise!!! WOOHOO!!! I know what you mean about other things that we have to look forward to before the cruise. It is as we get closer to the date that the anticipation builds up. Are you doing a 7 day cruise?

Beth said...

We are only doing the 4-day cruise, with 3 nights on land, but I booked an additional 4 nights on land to spend in the parks and 3 more nights at the Nick Hotel (we will go to Universal while staying there). I can't go to Disney and NOT spend time in Disney parks. Have you ever done a Disney cruise?