Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fundraiser for Theo

Friday night, I worked at a fundraiser for my student Theo. I blogged about him earlier this summer after I found out he has cancer. Along with marking items for the silent auction and counting 50/50 tickets, I worked the beer table at the fundraiser! I have seriously not worked with a keg of beer since college. I had some problems with the foam and when it looked like an "experienced" beer drinker was the customer, I asked them if they wanted to use the tap themselves and get their own beer. That way, if the foam was HUGE, it wouldn't be my fault! Ha ha! It all worked out. We didn't make much money on beer though. The 50/50 drawing went great. The person who won had written on their ticket "donate back" so the family got all the $$$ from that. B2 went along with me and convinced me to purchase a little fountain/lawn decoration sort of thing from the silent auction. We still need to find a place to put it. I saw some of my favorite students from last year and it sort of put me in the mood to get back to school. I will still say though, I am sooooo not ready to get up early! Oh my gosh, I do love my sleep. But I am ready to get back into a routine with myself and my daughters, and I am ready for "Football Fridays," as is B1.

As far as Theo's prognosis, he looks great and seems to be doing well. I am told that his kind of cancer is 80-90% curable, especially when diagnosed young like he is. It looks as if he is going to have to be home-bound at the beginning of the school year but hopefully will be back in the halls of THS soon.


Kathy G said...

I'd have the same problem that you did with the beer tapper! Although I was semi-proficient with it back in college, I've not done it for many years.

Katie's blog said...

You are a good teacher/friend to students.