Wednesday, August 20, 2008

These Last Few Weeks

I am thoroughly enjoying these last days of summer. In the district where I teach (and where my kids attend school), we are at the end of a construction phase for 3 new buildings. The work on these buildings began close to 2 years ago and is now finally almost complete. But, because of said construction, last school year began very early and ended very early. This school year starts very late. The reason for all of this calendar confusion is so that this summer (2008) could be as long as possible in order to get old buildings torn down and parking lots built in their place.

So.....many of my teacher friends and neighboring districts began school either last week or this week. Not me. I don't go back until next Thursday and my students won't show up until the day after Labor Day. Therefore, my daughters and I will have 3 weeks more of summer vacation than my husband. Never mind the fact that come May, he will be done waaaaaay before we are but like I said, for now, I am enjoying this! It seems that every year, the girls' ball season begins around Mother's Day. The season ends about the 3rd week in July. We have always planned family vacations for the last week of July and first week of August. We did the same this year. Then we get home from vacation, get unpacked, and usually shortly thereafter, start school. However, this year I have been given a little extra time to just unwind. No ball games at night to rush to, no quickie meals that must be eaten by 4:30 so that the food has time to settle before the game, etc. Just us and a leisurly 3 weeks off between the end of vacation and the school year beginning! It's been nice.

I am, however, getting into a really bad rut of staying up way too late and sleeping in. Today, I seriously didn't get out of bed until 10:50am! Well, I did get up and go exercise with a friend at 5:00. I didn't go to bed last night until 1:15am either. So I went back to bed this morning at 6:30 and slept until 10:50. I have got to get my schedule adjusted back to a "normal" bedtime. I just love the nights though! Everyone else is in bed (like right now) and it's "my" time. I love this time and when I don't feel tired, I like to stay up!

I have also fallen into a rut of not fixing my hair or putting on much make-up. I have actually gotten a couple of compliments on my hair too! Weird. I've just been washing it, putting in some gel, and letting it air dry while I brush it a couple more times. The other day, I had no make-up on at all. We went to lunch at Dairy Queen. I also had my glasses on (didn't put in my contacts that day) and when I went into the restroom and glanced at myself in the mirror, I decided I really did look rather scary! The sun has given my skin enough color though that I don't really need much make-up on my face. My eyes look bad without at least something though.

I've enjoyed staying up late watching the Olympics too. Those Jamaicans sure can run, can't they? Wow. Alright, well, it's 11:35. I am off to bed. I promised myself that I would be in bed tonight before midnight. Tomorrow maybe I'll make it 11:30, and so forth. I gotta get back into a school sort of routine! Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I know you are enjoying your time. Start getting some sleep because it has already hit me and I've only been back to work for four days!


Jennifer said...

My niece graduated from Triad last year and I couldn't believe the graduation day was on Mother's Day. That seemed so early and well... kinda weird because of it being Mother's Day and all. It all makes sense now, though, hearing about the construction.

Yes, enjoy your time off before school starts and don't feel guilty about sleeping in sometimes!

Leeann said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! It sounds like you have plenty of chaos of your own...though I envy the sleeping in. That would never happen in this house!
To answer your question, 2 of the kids go to one school and 1 goes to pre-school. The second grader started today, but kindergarten doesn't start till next Tuesday, so that the teachers have time to do assessments on the kids. Then pre-school starts the day after labor day. So, pretty soon, a set schedule will be possible...I hope! :)