Friday, August 8, 2008

Stolen Meme

I am taking a break from the vacation review and I am stealing this meme from my friend Becky. I know she doesn't mind! I'll finish the vacation stuff soon.

I am: going scrapbooking tomorrow and I am darn excited about it!

I think: I have gained back much of the weight I lost last year, but I am afraid to actually get on the scale and check.

I thank: God for giving me and Bruce two healthy, beautiful daughters.

I know: how to follow a recipe successfully.

I wish: that losing weight was easier.

I hate: the Chicago Cubs and when people think that the Triad School District is exclusively for Troy residents.

I miss: my dog Barney.

I feel: excited about displaying our vacation photos.

I shop: at Wal-Mart. A lot.

I hear: the TV in the living room but no one is in there watching it. It's midnight and they are all in bed now.

I crave: Taco Bell's burrito supreme (not right now though but oftentimes when I am wanting something from a fast food restaurant, this is what it is!).

I wonder: who is going to win the presidential election.

I dream: some weird dream that I am back in college and halfway through the semester, I realize that I haven't gone to some class at all yet. I panic and try to get to the class and act like I know what has been going on the entire time. It's too late to drop the class too. Then I wake up and am so thankful it was only a dream.

I love: wedding cake with lots of icing.

I care: when I know people are going through depression or anxiety, because I have been there.

I always: wear my wedding ring, day and night.

I celebrate: our dating anniversary. Still. March 26, 1988.

I sing: songs that my kids like and make up different words for them. They hate it!

I cry: not nearly as often as I used to (thanks to Zoloft).

I don't always: brush my teeth before going to bed (me either Becky!).

I write: checks to pay our bills. No online stuff for me (yet).

I pray: to God and ask him to bless many people, including friends and former students.

I lose: whenever Bruce and I thumb wrestle.

I listen: to country music and 80's music. I also listen when other people talk and I remember most of what they said. Sometimes people are amazed when months later, I stop them mid-story to let them know that I know what they are going to say.

I am scared: of snakes.

I dance: when I hear a favorite catchy song like "Shook Me All Night Long", "I Wanna Dance with Somebody", or "Celebration."

I need: all my friends in my life.

I surf: Disney websites a lot.

I dread: school starting, simply because I don't want to get up early again!

I anticipate: school starting because I look forward to getting to know my new students and seeing the ones from last year.

I laugh: often at Bruce's goofy humor.

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