Friday, August 15, 2008

Vacation Days 14, 15, 16

Bruce and me posing for a picture in Mickey's Toon Town Fair.
B2 wtih all the ketchup bottles at the Whispering Canyon Cafe!
With Shrek at Universal Studios.
This was in the New York section of Universal. I loved how everything looked so real!
The girls' Fairly Oddparents room at the Nickelodeon Hotel
The main pool at the Nickelodeon Hotel.
Wow! They are actually holding hands! ha ha!
The bucket of slime (really just green water) being dumped!
B1 after she got hit by the "slime."

August 2, 2008: We got up about 8:30 today and took showers, etc. We headed up to the food court and ate a late breakfast and then waited for the Vincents to arrive. They met us up front in the main building near the gift shop at about 11:00 and we all headed to the Magic Kingdom. Their son, Hayden, who is 3 years old, wanted to see Pooh and Mickey Mouse. (Last night, after they had told us what they wanted to do today, I went to the front desk at our hotel to add another day to our current park tickets (because we were out of theme park days). Guess how much it cost? $3 per person! Yeah! Really!!! How cool is that?) We rode the train to Mickey’s Toontown Fair and got pictures taken with Mickey and Minnie. We then rode the Winnie the Pooh ride and waited to meet Pooh and Tigger. We also went to see Mickey’s Philharmagic show. We then headed over to Space Mountain and Bruce, Patrick, B1, B2, and I all rode the ride. We left the park a little after 4:00pm because we had dinner reservations at the Wilderness Lodge at a restaurant called Whispering Canyon CafĂ©. We took the boat from the Magic Kingdom to get there. It was a pretty neat place. The servers are sort of rude but in a fun way. Once, Bailey was across the room playing in a little play area and our waitress yelled across the restaurant for her to come to dinner! Very funny! Also, when they bring the napkins and straws to the table, they just throw them all in a big heap at you! And the funniest part: when someone asks for ketchup, your server yells across the restaurant that ketchup is needed at a particular table. Then everyone in the restaurant who has a bottle of ketchup at their table brings it to you! We had 16 bottles of ketchup at our table at one point! After dinner, we all came back here to our hotel and Bruce, B1, B2, Patrick, and Hayden all swam in the pool near our room (there are 3 pools here). I did some laundry and LeAnne fed Lilly and then just hung out by the pool with me. They left at about 9:15pm to head back home. Right now, it is 11:30pm and Bruce and the girls are at the arcade but I believe are headed back here soon. Tomorrow we check out of Disney. L

August 3, 2008: We woke up at 8:30 today, got ready, and left Walt Disney World. I was actually ready to leave. I think we’ve seen and done just about everything I could want to do for now. There will always be more things to experience in the future (more restaurants to try, new rides, new Disney adventures). We went to McDonald’s for breakfast and I actually had lunch. This McDonald’s was nothing like we have ever seen. Not only did they have the normal menu, but also a gourmet menu and hard ice cream as well as a HUGE game room. Supposedly, it was the biggest McDonald’s in the world. We then headed for Universal Studios. The cost to get in there was totally crazy. I am not going to say how much it was but I have never paid that much for an amusement park before. We got 2-day passes (so we can go to Islands of Adventure either tomorrow or Wednesday) and we also got the special pass where you can go in the “fast” line for every ride, sort of like Disney’s FastPass. Having that pass turned out to be pretty worthwhile. We rode pretty much everything. The Mummy ride was the favorite but honestly, I wasn’t real impressed with the whole place. Maybe it was because the movies and TV shows they featured were some that I wasn’t really interested in. I am glad we went, but it won’t be a place I feel that I need to return to. After leaving the park around 8:00pm, we walked through Universal’s City Walk (between the two amusement parks) and chose to eat dinner at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co. We had never eaten at one of those restaurants and it was pretty yummy! We stopped at Walgreen’s to get some medicine for B1 because she has somehow picked up a cold in the past 2 days and then finally, arrived at the Nickelodeon Hotel. The girls have been looking forward to this hotel for quite awhile now. Our suite has a living room, small kitchenette, bathroom, master bedroom with a queen bed, and a kid’s room with 2 twin beds. There are 3 TVs too! I don’t know for sure what we are going to do tomorrow yet but I do know that the bed will feel good tonight!
August 4, 2008: We slept LATE today. B2 didn’t wake up until like 11am! But she needed it. We had bought some Cinnabon rolls last night while at Universal’s City Walk and had those for breakfast, which were yummy! Then we headed for the pool. We went first to the large pool, which is a little further away from our room. We found a chair on which to put our towels, etc. and then got into the water. We relaxed and swam until about 1:30 when we came inside to the food court for lunch at Subway. Then it was back to the pool for the afternoon. At 4:45, they fill the big bucket above the play area with green “slime” (really just green water) and the kids stand under it, waiting to be “slimed.” Bruce stood with B2 a little too far back so they did not get any slime on them but B1 did get some. I took pictures and got 3 pretty good ones of the water splashing out of the bucket. Then I took a close-up of B1 but you have to look pretty close to see the green water droplets on her face. We then opted to head for the smaller pool, closer to our room. Around 7:00, we again went inside and ate dinner at the food court, this time purchasing food from Pizza Hut. Then we played a little while in the game room before coming up to the room about 9:00. It was nice just lounging around the room, watching TV, and relaxing. We all went to bed about 11:00

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