Monday, January 19, 2009

6th Grade Basketball

B1's basketball team is in a tournament this week in Bethalto. They won their first game on Saturday pretty handily and tonight, supposedly played against a "good" team. They won though, 24-3. Now, B1's team is certainly not a bunch of all-stars. They were lucky to win a few games in the league they played in earlier this year in Highland. But I guess this tournament is more to their liking as it has teams from a few smaller towns, like ours. Anyway, B1 and 4 other players participated in the free throw contest on Saturday. She made 4 of 10 that day and advanced (with another girl on her team who made 5 of 10) to the next round. Tonight, they shot again, this time 20 free throws each. B1 made 9 of them and her teammate made 5. I am guessing she will advance to the next round but I am not positive about that. It is fun to watch though! She has this routine where she bounces the ball 5 times, then kind of spins it upwards a little above her head, then places her hands on the ball and finally shoots. I guess it works for her!

Last year, her team won this tournament. It was in February last year and Bruce and I were in Las Vegas with his mom and sister. B1 made a shot with 2 seconds left in the game to win it! And yeah, we missed it. But at least we know she did well. Hopefully the team will repeat their championship this year.
The next game is on Saturday morning at 11:00am. Win or lose, we will play again on Sunday, either for 3rd place or (hopefully) 1st place.

Dan and Willy.....maybe you guys could come to the game on Saturday! It's not very far from your house really. And B2 can entertain your kids while you watch! Give us a call!


Willy said...

What great form! X man has basketball camp Sat. until 10:45 so maybe we came come watch! I'll email you or call you!

sltbee69 said...

What fun! My 6th grader is getting ready to start volleyball.