Thursday, January 1, 2009


We spent last night bowling with friends. We had a great time as this has pretty much become our tradition on New Year's Eve. We all bring food, we play cards while we bowl, and we just have a good time together. The kids get to have the bumpers up on their lane, and I think us adults wish we did as well! I thought this was kind of a neat picture of the lanes with the main lights off and the disco lights on!

Me and Bruce

Rick and Kim

Mike and Michelle

B1 and B2

Bruce and Mike after doing the "Whammy Bowl." They didn't fair so well. Nice look on Bruce's face, huh!?!

B1 trying to be all serious about her bowling. She was 'posing' for this picture!

Two of the other kids being all serious about keeping score on paper. They were really copying from the machine in front of them I think!

All the kids together. We had a very fun time! Thanks for joining us everyone!


Shige said...

Great Pictures and a Haooy New Year.
We wanna be friends with you.

Anonymous said...

It was a GREAT night of fun as usual. Thanks for inviting us! Always good to bring in a new year with close friends!
The Nungessers

Anonymous said...

We had a great time also! Thanks for the invite to join you this year. Looking forward to next year!
Rick, Kim, Courtney & Cami