Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Weather!

Bruce was off school today and will be again tomorrow due to the cold weather. We tough folks at Triad were not off. We can make it through the cold. Not that I'm still not holding my breath for tomorrow though! Ha ha. But yeah, I'm 95% sure we'll be in school tomorrow and I know that I will be glad about it when May and June are here. But sleeping in on cold days is suuuurrrrre nice! :-)

We're doing a trivia night tomorrow night at my school which should be a fun evening with friends. I always look forward to that.

Lots of basketball games are on the schedule for the weekend and also an annual meeting/potluck at church on Sunday. Monday we are off school for MLK Day. I plan to watch the presidential inaguration on Tuesday. One of my former students was invited to attend it. He is very excited and leaves tomorrow for a weekend full of activities.

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